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EES is an Engineering Process Intensification Expert System for improving efficiency and sustainability. It utilizes artificial intelligence to generate efficiency improvement ideas.  EES enhances existing programs by providing a high powered and affordable technical resource to increase process efficiencies and minimize process upset conditions.

EES is an Engineering Process Intensification Expert System that generates process improvement ideas using technical expertise and artificial intelligence.

Anyone involved in manufacturing at a plant or corporate level can benefit by using EES.

  • Improved Profitability
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Reduced Downtime
  • Reduced Materials Usage
  • Reduced Energy Usage
  • Reduced Disposal Costs
  • Sustainability Gains
  • Improved Systems Knowledge

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How EES Works
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Efficiency Improvement involves multiple stakeholders.
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Most manufacturing and operation engineers are under constant pressure to optimize production processes with minimal support.  EES is a tool for engineers that provides technical ideas for process optimization.  Since all aspects of a system are rigorously and logically examined, engineers can feel confident that a process has truly been fully optimized.
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Increase your program’s value and your enrollment numbers by using EES to empower your students to improve processes, save money and improve sustainability.
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With disposal costs rising, it’s hard to meet your waste disposal budget. By using EES to reduce some of the more difficult to dispose of wastes, you can stay under budget.
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There is a lot of pressure to hit cost reduction program targets. EES assists companies in implementing technical cost reduction ideas that help organizations become more efficient, often exceeding cost reduction program targets.
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With technical employee turnover rising, a lot of time is required to train new employees. EES provides a training tool customized to your processes. This results in faster and more effective employee training, helping new employees reach full productivity sooner.
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When equipment goes down and every minute counts, EES Troubleshooting is the tool you need to get your process up and running quickly.
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There is increasing pressure to meet key business objectives. EES identifies technical process improvement ideas that will cut costs, reduce downtime, reduce defects and improve environmental sustainability to help you exceed your key performance indicator targets.
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Many business owners want to become more sustainable, but they worry about the impact on profitability.  EES can help companies increase both profitability and sustainability simultaneously, so that owners can focus on growing their business.
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Most continuous improvement professionals are under pressure to meet their process improvement goals.  EES Ideation generates fresh and intelligent process improvement ideas to enhance current employee involvement idea programs.  With the additional process improvement power of EES, goals can often be easily achieved.
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Many companies lack verified environmental sustainability results.  EES can assist by generating technical process improvement ideas to reduce wasted materials, energy and pollution.  Sustainability professionals can then track and report on 13 environmental key performance indicators.
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Jon Huntsman, Sr., said of our work, “It changed the equation for us” in the reduction of emissions from that of working to meet governmental regulations to cutting emissions to increase profitability and sustainability.  He also said our “suggestions were creative and most entailed only slight changes to manufacturing.”

Jon Huntsman, Sr., Founder and former Executive Chairman of Huntsman Corporation

Jon M. Huntsman, Sr., Founder and
Former Executive Chairman
Huntsman Corporation

System Experts

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Featured Expert

Dr. David Dickey, President of MixTech, Inc., is our featured Systems Expert.  He provides technical expertise on EES’s Mixing, Tank, Viscosity and Paint Mix Room Systems.  Dr. Dickey is a Chemical Engineering Consultant specializing in mixing equipment and processes, liquid mixing, powder blending, equipment components and design, process engineering and applications, product engineering and marketing, and is an expert witness.  He has more than sixty publications on mixing and related chemical processes.  Dr. Dickey teaches short courses offered through the Department of Engineering Professional Development at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.  He has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Illinois, and a M.S. & Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Purdue University.

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PROCOR Technologies, Inc., has spent over 27 years working to help companies improve processes and reduce material waste, with the ultimate goal of saving companies money and reducing pollution.  To support the continuation of these sustainability efforts, PROCOR has sponsored the development of Eco Engineering Systems.  We believe that together we can leverage the collective intelligence of system experts throughout the world to improve both profitability and sustainability.  We are sharing our knowledge with you, and we are hoping that you will join us in changing the world.

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