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Learn how EES benefits engineering programs.

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Learn how EES benefits engineering students.


Eco Engineering Systems (EES)

Technical Resource for Engineering Co-op and Intern Students to Use to Help their Employers Improve Efficiency and Sustainability

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Provides a technical resource for engineering students to use to help their employers increase process efficiencies and reduce raw material and energy waste.

EES uses artificial intelligence and expert system knowledge to generate efficiency improvement ideas.  Customized websites, cloud-based software. Secure and easy to use.

Designed for use by engineering co-op and intern students working in manufacturing environments in the following engineering disciplines:  Chemical, Industrial, Manufacturing, Materials, Mechanical, Packaging, Petroleum, or Plastics.

Provides a development tool for engineering students to increase their knowledge of systems and system interdependence.  It also helps students learn the specifics of the employers’ systems much more rapidly and thoroughly.

EES is leveraging knowledge to improve efficiency, increasing both profitability and sustainability.
We are changing the world!

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