Eco Engineering Systems

Domain Sites Designed for Engineering Co-op and Intern Programs

For use by co-op and intern engineering students working in manufacturing environments in disciplines
such as:  Chemical, Industrial, Manufacturing, Mechanical, or Packaging Engineering.


Engineering Co-op and
Intern Site

Includes all of the features of a Professional Membership, along with custom features which give educational customers additional control and versatility.  EES creates a powerful platform to transform knowledge and engineering excellence into increased value to the institution, the co-ops or interns, and the business partners in terms of profitability and environmental sustainability.

Engineers Collaborating-Sharing Process Knowledge
Asian engineer maintenance checking technical data of system equipment Condenser Water pump and pressure gauge , chiller water pump with pressure gauge.



EES takes skill development to the next level, using artificial intelligence.  It is a resource that engineering students can take to their company to quickly provide value by reducing manufacturing costs. As students use ESS, they increase their engineering knowledge and skills on a wide variety of systems.

Young woman mechanical engineer inspection heating system on pressure gauge of industrial air compressor pump system at air compressor pump room
Female Engineering Intern Collecting Data in Factory


KPI Metrics

Includes all individual KPI measurements, plus an aggregate summary of economic and environmental savings by your individual students and your institution. This data can be used to effectively attract more employers and more students to your engineering co-op or intern program.

KPI Measurement
Sustainability - Working to Reduce Pollution


Come Back Stronger

Come back stronger from the current economic downturn by using EES to empower engineering co-op and intern students to improve processes, save money and improve sustainability. Supercharge the value of your program. Good for business, good for the environment.

Why Do Intern and Co-op Programs Need EES?

  • Many employers are limiting internships and co-ops during this economic downturn.  However, engineering students using EES will typically pay for the cost of their internship with 1 project implementation, saving their employer money and improving process efficiency and sustainability.

  • EES is designed to be simple to use.  It provides the opportunity for engineering students to develop technical skills and greatly increase their working knowledge of systems.

  • EES isn’t meant to take the place of the work that the employer already has planned for the co-op or intern student, but will fill in the time that the student may have free. EES is also a great tool to use when an employer is extremely busy and can’t stop to train the student. With EES, co-ops and interns will add value to their employers immediately, and can often work independently with some simple guidance.

  • EES is a great tool for thesis projects focused on cost savings, efficiency, and sustainability improvements.

  • Employers will want your students working for them, and potential students will want to come to your school when they see the excellent results that can be achieved with EES.

  • EES is a critical tool in working toward environmental justice. It reduces material waste and pollution at the source and everyone benefits. There are tremendous environmental gains to be made using EES.

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The Real Cost of
Wasted Raw Materials

Incorrectly calculating the cost of waste could be costing your company millions of dollars each year. Watch this 3 minute video to learn about Total Waste Cost.

Total Waste Cost Analysis

A simple economic analysis of Total Waste Cost highlights the impact it has on decision making, profits and sustainability.  Many companies are missing an opportunity to improve profits and sustainability, both at the same time.  Watch this 3 minute video to learn more about Total Waste Cost and how EES can help your company improve profitability and sustainability.