Enterprise Accounts

Enterprise Accounts include all of the essential features of a traditional account, such as Troubleshooting, System Optimization, Resource Utilization, Sustainability, and Results Management.  However, the custom features give customers additional control and versatility, creating a powerful platform  to transform knowledge and engineering excellence into increased profitability and environmental sustainability.

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Multiple Memberships

Enterprise Membership allows companies to add multiple users, work groups and multiple facilities, based on their subscription.

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Knowledge Management

Enterprise allows companies to store their process and system knowledge in-house. This feature greatly assists companies with best practice documentation, the sharing of best practices across multiple sites, and internal training.  It also helps to protect against knowledge loss due to employee turnover.


Project Management

To help our customers implement ideas and realize savings and benefits, EES Enterprise includes a Project Management Program with a Dashboard that provides a view of all projects and tasks. Create a project, create tasks, assign individual(s) to each task, assign a priority level to each task, assign a due date to each task and assign the project to a work group.

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