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The Real Cost of
Wasted Raw Materials

Incorrectly calculating the cost of waste could be costing your company millions of dollars each year. Watch this 3 minute video to learn about Total Waste Cost.

Total Waste Cost Analysis

A simple economic analysis of Total Waste Cost highlights the impact it has on decision making, profits and sustainability.  Many companies are missing an opportunity to improve profits and sustainability, both at the same time.  Watch this 3 minute video to learn more about Total Waste Cost and how EES can help your company improve profitability and sustainability.

Why Do You Need EES?

  • Reduce waste disposal and transportation costs.

  • Allows your team to get more done with the resources you have.

  • Enhances your current efforts to generate more energy reductions and process cost savings.

  • Uses facts and data to identify detailed process improvement opportunities and prevent missed opportunities.

  • Training tool for new engineers, who will gain in-depth knowledge about systems.

  • Expands your team’s process efficiency knowledge and expertise to multiple systems.

  • Enables your team to prioritize improvement opportunities based upon plant or system specific criteria.

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