Small Business Sustainability Initiative

You can make a difference by funding projects for small business that are designed to directly improve environmental sustainability. Our projects teach small businesses how to improve efficiency to reduce raw material and energy usage and pollution. The goal is to help small businesses become more sustainable as they move forward. These efforts help to create healthier communities and a healthier planet.


Grant Funding for Projects

Grantors may develop customized projects around communities of your choice. You may wish to focus on businesses within an impacted community or on a specific aspect, such as Hazardous Waste Reduction or Greenhouse Gas Reduction. The program is flexible. We have listed some goals below that we support, and we are willing to work with you to structure projects to meet your specific goals.

Grantors fund process efficiency and sustainability improvement projects that reduce wasted raw materials, energy and pollution. Picture of earth globe and coins.


Types of Goals for Grant Projects

Eco Engineering Systems, Inc. is a 501 c3 without tax exempt status at this time. EES is eligible to apply for some types of grants.  We are happy to work with you on your goals related to environmental sustainability.  Some of our goal areas include the following:

  • Reducing pollution and material and energy waste (source reduction).
  • Working with companies to help them increase environmental sustainability and reduce costs through efficiency improvement.
  • Helping manufacturing companies reduce pollution in their communities, improving the environment for people in those communities.
  • Starting companies on a journey of efficiency improvement for environmental sustainability that will be long lasting.
  • Growing a world-wide effort to improve process efficiency.

  • Training young engineers in best practices so that they might have a lifetime of engineering best practices.
  • Ensuring that process efficiency is included in the larger conversation of environmental sustainability.
  • Providing an opportunity for engineers and technical employees to see how the decisions they make every day in manufacturing are valuable and relate directly to creating a sustainable world.
  • Producing factual numbers on pollution reduction, efficiency improvement and environmental sustainability and helping companies meet or exceed goals.

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If you are interested in receiving information about project results and upcoming projects that need additional funding, you may sign up using the link below.

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Investing Today for a Better Tomorrow

Funding sustainability projects in business to create healthier communities. Good for business, good for the environment and good for communities.

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