Process Efficiency Toolbox™

World’s leading source of manufacturing best practices and technical process efficiency improvement knowledge.

Uses artificial intelligence and expert system knowledge to generate process efficiency improvement ideas. Cloud-based software. Secure and easy to use. Customized to your processes and systems.  Complete KPI Metrics for operational, financial, and environmental tracking and reporting.  Fast actionable results.


Powerful Technical Tool

Powerful and easy to use. Simply answer specific system questions with multiple choice answers. Process improvement ideas are then generated based on artificial intelligence logic and expert system analysis.  Businesses determine which ideas make sense to pursue based on their goals and budget.   With engineering knowledge available at your fingertips, EES makes everyone an expert.


KPI Metrics

EES has built in measurement and tracking capability for key performance indicator metrics. The capability to seamlessly link process efficiency improvement activity to metrics makes it easy for companies to track financial, productivity and environmental results.

Key Performance Indicators

Process Efficiency Toolbox™

Deployment Options

Process Efficiency Toolbox is easy to use, and you decide the best method to deploy it at your company. We have listed a few options for you to consider.

Engineers and Technical Employees

Process Efficiency Toolbox is flexible to deploy. You may decide to have one of your employees, such as an engineer or a technical person use the tool. Some companies prefer to use a team approach.

Co-op and Intern Students

Companies may have co-op or interns gather the data. Students will work with various disciplines throughout the plant to identify answers to specific system questions. EES is designed to let students work independently, with the employer providing oversight.

EES Engineering Services

If your time is limited, we can assist you through our Engineering Services option. We provide onsite engineering services customized to help you achieve your specific goals. We can also offer remote and hybrid engineering services to assist our clients.

Manufacturing Workers


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