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Jon Huntsman, Sr., said of our work, “It changed the equation for us” in the reduction of emissions from that of working to meet governmental regulations to cutting emissions to increase profitability and sustainability.  He also said our “suggestions were creative and most entailed only slight changes to manufacturing.”

Jon Huntsman, Sr., Founder and former Executive Chairman of Huntsman Corporation

Jon M. Huntsman, Sr., Founder and
Former Executive Chairman
Huntsman Corporation

Knowledge Management and Expert Consultation

EES is Changing the World!

Leveraging the knowledge and best practices of experts throughout the world makes everyone smarter.

EES is leveraging intelligence for engineering and environmental excellence, and we are really excited about the possibilities.


EES Essentials will provide you with ideas that you can implement and track on you own.  You will be able to export your data to other applications for your use.

EES Professional and EES Enterprise have built in measurement and tracking capability, also with export capability, for 24 cost reduction and sustainability metrics. The capability to seamlessly link your process improvement activity to metrics enables your company to track financial and environmental results. EES makes measurement easy.

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