Small Business Sustainability Initiative

EES assists businesses that have a high environmental impact on their community, but lack the technical knowledge and financial resources to improve environmental sustainability.  We provide tools and knowledge on process efficiency improvement to reduce wasted raw materials, energy and pollution.  We are passionate about helping small businesses reduce costs and improve environmental sustainability.


Eligibility Guidelines

The program is flexible.  Funding providers (sponsors, grantors, donors) may have input on how specific projects are structured, and may work with EES and the participating business to create project parameters. Some basic guidelines are listed below.

  • Maximum of 250 employees

  • Maximum Annual Sales of $50,000,000/year
  • Maximum of 1 manufacturing site
  • Generates large quantity of solid waste

  • Generates large quantity of air emissions

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Projects for Communities

The above listed eligibility guidelines pertain to small businesses to allow for funding availability. Exceptions to these guidelines are made for Grantors who may wish to fund and structure a project according to their goals. Grantors may wish to focus on businesses within an impacted community or on a specific aspect, such as Hazardous Waste Reduction or Greenhouse Gas Reduction. These types of projects are discussed in more detail on the Grants page.



Program Application

Interested in participating in the Small Business Sustainability Initiative?  If you meet the eligibility guidelines, simply fill out an application.   Projects are subject to available funding.

Manufacturing Workers

Application Review Process

EES will review your application to determine eligibility. Expect a response within a few days. If you meet the minimum eligibility requirements, EES will reach out to you for additional information needed to estimate the cost of your project versus available funding. If funding is available to cover the cost of the project, we will move forward with you.

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Custom Projects

The Small Business Sustainability Initiative is structured as individual projects that are customized to the goals of the participating business. These projects assist with reviewing a system’s efficiency, identifying technical ideas to improve the system that will save money and reduce pollution, assisting with costing of the ideas and the proper calculation of the sustainability impact, and project planning. These projects do not cover the cost of implementation.

Savings Examples

Process Steps

  • Get approval for your project.
  • Select a system i.e., “Paint Spray Booth”.
  • Determine deployment method. Who will take the lead at your facility? Do you have a technical employee or engineer or will you need assistance?
  • Will the lead report to a team or a manager?
  • Watch EES training videos.
  • Establish project timeframe (maximum of 3 months).

  • Answer system questions. When finished, EES will generate process improvement ideas. Your lead or team will determine which ideas are feasible for the facility, based on your business goals and budget.
  • Contact an Expert for implementation assistance or consultation if needed.
  • Implement the project.
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Business woman balancing profits (coins) and sustainability (earth)



The Small Business Sustainability Initiative is offered at no charge to eligible small businesses. Funding is provided through sponsors, grants and donations. The more funding we have, the more companies we assist and the more pollution we can reduce.  Learn how you can help us fund sustainability improvement.


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