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PROCOR Technologies, Inc., has spent over 27 years working to help companies improve processes and reduce material waste, with the ultimate goal of saving companies money and reducing pollution.  To support the continuation of these sustainability efforts, PROCOR has sponsored the development of Eco Engineering Systems.  We believe that together we can leverage the collective intelligence of system experts throughout the world to improve both profitability and sustainability.  We are sharing our knowledge with you, and we are hoping that you will join us in changing the world.

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Dr. David Dickey, President of MixTech, Inc., is our featured Systems Expert.  He provides technical expertise on EES’s Mixing, Tank, Viscosity and Paint Mix Room Systems.  Dr. Dickey is a Chemical Engineering Consultant specializing in mixing equipment and processes, liquid mixing, powder blending, equipment components and design, process engineering and applications, product engineering and marketing, and is an expert witness.  He has more than sixty publications on mixing and related chemical processes.  Dr. Dickey teaches short courses offered through the Department of Engineering Professional Development at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.  He has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Illinois, and a M.S. & Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Purdue University.

Who We Assist

A Community of Experts and Technical Professionals Working Every Day to Improve Production Processes

It is long overdue to recognize the significant environmental contributions and process cost savings of these Front-Line Warriors and give them respect and recognition they deserve.

Who replaces a leaking seal in a benzene pump to reduce benzene emissions.

Who improves transfer efficiency in a spray booth to reduce paint sludge waste.

Who regularly prevents process upsets.

Who can fix a bad batch by telling production how to make the correct adjustments.

Who collects accurate data and analyzes it to optimize a process.

Who reduces product changeovers and thereby reduces waste from line cleanings.

Who runs multiple simulations to create the most efficient process.

Who figures out the problem and quickly fixes it before it spirals the process out of control.

Who goes beyond including only waste disposal costs and accounts for the total cost of waste so that accurate and informed process improvement decisions can be made.

Who work hard everyday to improve system and process efficiency.

What We Do

Intelligent People – Working Together – Getting Results

Front-Line Warriors we salute you. We recognize your efforts in efficiency improvement, cost reduction, and reduced pollution. Now, we are making EES available to you as a tool to assist in identifying opportunities, resolving problems quickly, and cost analysis so that you can easily put forth the best options for your company.

Diverse Manufacturing Employees Doing Process Improvement

Everyone at Every Level Making an Impact

Eco Engineering Systems

Connecting technical people to knowledge, solving problems faster and more effectively, and assisting employees in measuring cost savings and reduced pollution.

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